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Why We Love Thrive Themes

We have been building web sites since before WordPress was even born! Can you believe it?

Since WordPress came on the scene, it has proven itself as a worthy Content Management System (CMS) and for good reason. It has come along way over the years and so have the themes and plugins that extend the base product to make it so awesome.

Chosen by many of the worlds top brands and businesses

​Beyonce, Sony, Walt Disney, Bloomberg, MTV, TechCrunch, Usain Bolt,Time Inc, Marks & Spencer for Business, Rotary Club, Rolling Stones...

Many of the worlds top web sites are built using the WordPress framework, so we see no reason why yours should not have the same benefits!

WordPress Powers Many Web Sites

Our Premium Themes and Plugins of Choice all come from one Developer who have been simply fantastic since ​their launch. 

You can read more about Thrive Membership on their web site...​

Thrive Themes WordPress Premium Content

Sites on WPBoxed.co.uk Use Thrive Themes & Plugins

We are licensed agency users of the Thrive Family of Products so we ensure that all our web sites run on their software. This gives you stability, premium content upgrade ability and support from a team who use Thrive across many web sites on a daily basis. 

We are now rolling out our services across 3 different web sites based in the US, the UK and South Africa, so our reach and expanse of sites will only grow further.​ All of their themes and suite of plugins are available to use on WPBoxed.co.uk web sites as standard.

Thrive Themes Content Membership

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