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What We Do

Allow Us to Manage Your Mundane Tasks, So You Can Win in Business

admin tasks on your web site

What Admin?

Perhaps you need pages formatted or a new post created from your word document? 

Typical admin tasks will include page editing, updating, images, video, links and administration of your web site.

Here is a longer list to help you:

  • Start a New Post from Content Provided
  • Start a New Page from Content Provided
  • Edit a Post or Page
  • Insert an image or images
  • Insert a Video
  • Insert an Opt in Box
  • Set up a New Email List
  • Set up a New Email Automation
  • Set up Tags
  • Set up Categories
  • List Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • many more tasks…
site based tasks

Site Assist

We already keep your site up to date with the core functionality and security.

But we will also update themes, plugins and ensure the structure is set up correctly and things such as categories and permalinks are as they should be.

Here is a longer list to help you:

  • Initial Clean Up of WordPress Platform
  • Install a New Theme
  • Install a New Plugin
  • Web Design Tweaks (if we built your site)
  • Set up Analytics
  • Set up Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Set up Site Tracking with Email Automation Software
  • SEO Checks
  • Competitor Research (Simple Search)
  • Connect Lead Generation Box with Email Automation Service
  • Link to Social Media Channels
  • Configure Membership Software
  • Add Logo/Brand to Log in Area of Your Site
  • many more tasks…
other items we help with

Need More?

If you never had a web site before or started a business on the web, you may need something extra like consulting, coaching, guidance or just someone to bounce ideas off.

We are here to help you to succeed, so this can fall into time you book on a monthly basis if required.

Here is a longer list to help you:

  • Run Small Tasks in your Shopify Store
  • Brain Storm New Business Idea
  • Assist to sketch out a marketing plan
  • Advise on how to reach affiliates in your niche
  • Advise on how to further your reach in Social Media
  • Advise on Email Automation Processes 
  • Develop a Monthly Newsletter
  • Offer Design and Content Reviews of your Web Site
  • Video Comparison of Competitor Sites vs Yours
  • many more tasks
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