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Do You Want to Get Social with Media?

A question we get asked a lot is... "Should I be connecting with my customers on Facebook or Twitter"?

It depends on many criteria. Many things need to be considered PRIOR to engaging in this way. Your business size, available staff, what you wish to communicate and more can and often will be important factors in a final decision. Many companies have died by the sword of Social Media, so it is never a decision to be taken lightly.

'Everyone' may be doing it! But it does not mean that you or your business has to. If it suits you and the company focus and / or it is what your customers REALLY NEED, then it may be a great direction to go in. Be sure to get a consultation before diving into the abyss.

One of the biggest challenges with Social Media is managing expectation. With new auto reply options built into things like Facebook Pages, you can educate your end users on available contact and likely response times.​ It can often be more damaging to have someone wait for long periods for replies, rather than have no direct social media interaction at all.

Remember though that Social Media does not always mean direct response, customer service style interaction. It could be video training, question answering and so on. It could be Instagram images, sharing the latest developments of your business story or brand, or a new product launch. It could be a Snap Chat Video Diary from 'behind the scenes' of your company. Think outside the box, and go where your audience goes. There is no point setting up a 20 Tweet's Per Day Social Plan if NONE of your demographic is using Twitter!

Never be sold on the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter type 'Follower' Plans you see on sale across the web either. These will ALWAYS cause way more harm than good. Speak to a reputable agency or business to share ideas and help you grow an organic following for your business.​

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