seo reporting and management

Words are Not Enough in Web Design

Search on the Internet for SEO and you will find MILLIONS of pages of content. Everyone knows what they are talking about, and some even promise you the riches of a top spot on Google Search for your business come hell or high water. 

The reality of SEO is that it is an ongoing concept, not a one time shot. The other reality of SEO is that you can focus on it just a little too much. By having your site try to 'game' the search engines, a feat that is often poorly executed by fly by night operators, you can end up serving much greater damage to your business than any short term benefit that may, or may not be received.​

If you want to get some inside information and knowledge on how your business is doing, then we can certainly assist you with that. With concise monthly reporting, we can show you how well your site is trending, linking and featuring in search results for your business and location.

Yes, we have helped local business owners dominate the front page and positions in search results for keyword terms and phrases, but we NEVER guarantee that you will always remain that way. With so many facets to the various search algorithm​'s, one day you could be on top, the next you could be part of an overhaul blip.

Our consistent advice is to ALWAYS:

  • Write content that your READERS want to access (not try to game the system)
  • Be true to your business, brand and ethics of conduct
  • Give as much relevant information as you can
  • Be consistent in your information posting and keep it up to date and relevant to your market​
  • Seek consumer and market feed back where possible to ensure you are delivering to expectations as a minimium

We can advise you on best practices to follow and even assist in development of strategies. What we will NEVER do is compromise our reputation or your quality by suggesting black hat or shoddy development tactics.

​This service is included as standard with our Pro Package Plans, but we can also offer this as a bespoke addition to anyone of our service provisions. Just be sure to ask about more about this when we connect together. 

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