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Some Services are Not Created Equal!

Because we understand that each and every one of our clients and prospects are different, we often tailor what we do to each person or company.

We offer basic packages to ease the process for those looking to jump in and get started. Often this leads to a developing relationship and a growth in the utilisation of our services. We do however appreciate that your needs may be different.

Perhaps you need a consultation on how to build a marketing strategy on Facebook or Instagram? Maybe your business needs to put in place a lead funnel, designed to capture interest in goods and or services that you provide?

No matter what your web need, we can often assist you move in the right direction, many times actually solving the need for you by suggesting changes, ways to move forward, or even implementing a process, action or plan on your behalf.

We do not just charge you at the door and leave you to fend for yourself. Our business motto is to 'Protect and Serve'. I know, we borrowed it from a 70's Cop Show, oh no, wait, it's not Starsky and Hutch, it is the Los Angeles Police Department. Still, we like it because it's what we strive for...

Protect - We maintain your web site security and updates so you do not have to. Plus we look out for your integrity where and how we can with our reporting and consulting services.

Serve- We 'serve' up your web pages to your audience, and we serve you as our valued visitor and client in the best we know how - Service Delivery and Ongoing Commitment to Greatness.‚Äč

I Know - We Don't Get Out Much!

That is because we are soooo busy working on our client's web sites and content and keeping up with the fast moving Internet world! Good news for you, it means you can chill a little knowing that we got your back!

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