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Picture's Really Do Paint a Thousand Words

'The web age has advanced that saying to greater heights than we could possibly have imagined'

Heard the quote - "What Happens in Vegas - Stay's in Vegas"? - Well that is like the Internet, but much less of an impact ๐Ÿ™‚

Every time you write, post, tweet, like, share, capture on audio or video, upload, chat and any other action you can think of online, it typically ends up staying there, somewhere. One of the instant troubles this brings is like the development of digital cameras.

Remember the days when you took a snap of the landscape, your newborn or a party shot, then waited to go to the Photo store to get your film developed? NO - I knew I was getting a little older ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, my point here is that you usually were more careful of what you 'snapped' because you a) had to wait for the image to be developed, and b) you paid for each image. This was usually as you paid to develop the film, like 24 or 36 photos etc.

In the era of the digital camera and phones, tablets etc, we snap away, often many images per scene, then simply delete the ones we no longer want. Often these do not even make it to โ€‹print, only staying on a hard drive or cloud somewhere, maybe even on our social media pages!

โ€‹The same can be said for content writing on the internet. We plough on regardless, with no prior preparation or planning. Posting whatever comes to mind without a thought of who may actually be reading it.

The more you PLAN your web site content, from videos to be shared, to social media engagement & posting to your 'blog', the better the end results will be. Not only will your SEO have a better quality score for your reader engagement, but you will deliver what your visitors and customers are looking for.

From videos to Facebook Ads & Infographics to White Papers & Report'sโ€‹, speak to us about content creation and management. We love to help where we can!


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