Let us set up your web site for you. Once the site is ready to go live, if you are unhappy in anyway about our service, the service we offer, or the professional courtesy of our team, we will REFUND your payment in FULL and you will owe us nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Am I Tied to a Contract?”

A: Definitely Not! Our business operates on a month to month basis. Just give us a month’s notice in writing via email or our support forms and we will cancel your account and cease billing from the following payment. 

“Do I need to host the web site myself?

A: Not at all. Our plans all INCLUDE web hosting as standard. They are based in the UK and can include SSL Certification if you require it – Please ask about this when you contact us. If you prefer to host your web site on your own servers, then speak to us PRIOR to beginning payment as we will need to ensure that your site will run effectively on the hosting you prefer. Typically this is not an issue, but we prefer to confirm first to save wasting any of your time.

“Will I have My Own Email Account?

A: Yes, when you host with us. We set up your email account(s) using webmail, which allows you to access your email from any web browser. This means that as long as you can connect to the internet, you can check your email, no matter where you are in the world. Email accounts are great as they offer free branding for your company rather than say Google or Yahoo. 

Your email account would be something like    your.name@yoursite.co.uk

“Can I Edit My Site Content?

A: Yes, it is all very simple. If you can use a typical word processor like MS Word, or you type fine on sites like Facebook, then you will have no issues in using your site.

With our managed packages, you can even pass the editing and uploading of new content to us if you prefer. Just send us your document of text and relevant links, images, videos etc if required and tell us when you want the new content to be live on the site and we will get that done for you.

Unlike other web management agencies, we can even suggest content changes, photo stock to use if you do not have anything relevant and even create graphical content from scratch if you need it done.

“I Read Somewhere that you use WordPress and this is a Free Content Management System. Why do I have to Pay for It?

A: The first point is that we do indeed use WordPress. It is good enough for some of the most popular web sites in the world and powers some estimated 20% of all web sites on the planet. The basic CMS (content management system) is free, but we configure and design your site bespoke to you and we use Premium Paid for add on’s, themes and plugins that cost an ongoing fee to use.

We are very picky about what we use and we have developed some of the materials in-house unique to our business, but we also work with third party developers who are excellent at what they do, producing fantastic marketing extras that we then incorporate for our clients. 

We have been building web site based on the WordPress frame work for well over 10 years and believe that WordPress is simply the best base building block to use. It also allows us to give you great web sites that are also adaptive in their design. This means that they can be viewed on a Tablet, a Laptop, a Desktop PC and a Smart Phone, and they will still look great!

We also include hosting, domain registration and upkeep of your site in our fees which means you get the latest security updates, monitoring of your site for uptime, back ups off site and updates of the all the relevant software. Plus our wonderful friendly support too of course 🙂

“Does the Site Design and Set Up Include adding my initial Content?

A: Yes, unlike most site design companies you will find, we do not make you add your own edited material to begin with. We will incorporate them into  your site for you at no additional charge. All our packages come with initial content placement, but we do have to keep this capped to a reasonable level otherwise (this has actually happened to us in the past), companies would ask us to build a 100 page web site that has hundreds of thousands of words and many, many, many images and videos.

To keep this reasonable, we allow a starting point of 1000 words of text for each page that is created, supplied by you. We allow up to 3 images for each page and one video or audio inclusion if required. All packages are capped at a starting point of 3 pages of content to include the home and contact page. If you should require more than this in the beginning, please give us a call in advance.

“Do You Produce Site Content for Me?

A: In short, No, we do not. We do offer copy services for things like Social Media Management. This is where we will write Tweet’s and Facebook content for you if you wish. Typically this will be links to your content on your web site and or relevant news for your industry.

If you use our management services, we will take copy you send to us in Word or a .txt file and format this to place on your site in the form of a new page or a blog post. We can also include images, video and audio for you if you wish and we can also research relevant photo stock if you require it.

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